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Aachen Erradeln 2021


As part of the bike-campaign "Aachen Erradeln" the city of Aachen cooperates with RydeUp to encourage their citizens to move and consum more ecological. 

The campaign that was successfully organized in 2020 with over 4000 registrations is now continued in 2021 for a total of 6 months!

Facts​ - Aachen Erradeln 

  • Start: April 1st, 2021

  • End: September 30th, 2021





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News Campaign 2020

Due to the positive feedback during the campaign in November, the city of Aachen is currently evaluating another extension over the coming winter months. The organisers of the campaign "Aachen Erradeln" want to encourage people to use their bikes even in the winter. To increase daily motivation we will offer a new feature that will give you extra RC if it's raining. You'll get twice as many coins!

The campaign is extended until November 2020!

As many users shared their wish for continuing the campaign, the city of Aachen extended the campaign after the first 4 months. 

With the new extension we will also release a new feature that offers you detailed information, such as graphs for your velocity altitude,  for each activity completed.

By analysing the tracked activities anonymously, we are also able to provide valuable recommendations to the city of Aachen to further develop fundamental infrastructure for bikes. 

We only collect and save data from you, if you actively and intentionally enable the data transmission and recording as privacy is one of our most important concerns! 


Dataprotection concept for Aachen Erradeln 

To increase the confidence of all citizens regarding the collection and anonymous analysis of data, the city of Aachen and RydeUp published a specific data privacy concept. In this concept we evaluate and describe when and how we collect data, how it is analysed without any personal information, and who is able to access our database. 

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for improvement, please let us now by sending us a message via support.

Download the
data privacy concept here  

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