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Bettina radelt


Between June 9th and July 6th the Bettina Highschool in Frankfurt starts it own bike-campaign "Bettina radelt" to motivate their pupils as well as their teachers to move healthy and ecological, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The campaign is initiated and organised by the faculty of sport and the Corona-initiative that consists of parents, pupils and teachers, who are all happy to finally get moving!

Facts​ - Bettina radelt

  • Start: June 9th, 2021

  • End: July 6th, 2021



The Goal

Everyone moves healthy without any hazards. 

Everyone follows a shared goal that enhances team-building. 

All school classes are also rewarded with 50 € for their own class, if they achieve a preset distance-goal that is adjusted to the number of pupils in each class and their grade.   


Next to the challenge to achieve their distance-goal, each class that attains the highest count within their grade will get the double amount! So lets ride and get started!


If you have any questions you can find answers in our FAQ

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