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Our partners

Partner from the very beginning - NetAachen GmbH 

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The NetAachen GmbH is partner of RydeUp since 2019 and has supported RydeUp's vision from the very beginning. 

NetAachen offers new rewards and donations for this years campaign:



  • 100€ mystery-donation

  • 150€ mystery-donation 

  • 250€ mystery-donation

  • Signed jersey of Ladies in Black volleyball-team

  • 50€ reward for all new mobile NetAachen contracts 

Rewards and donations of NetAachen 

Die Aachener Bank

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The Aachener Bank supports the campaign 2020 as one of our main sponsors by offering a donation value of 5.000€ to social organisations. The donations are offered to the following organisations: 

  • 1.000€ to Integration durch Sport e.V.

  • 1.000€ to TABALINGO e.V. 

  • 1.000€ to Wabe e.V. 

  • 1.000€ to Kinder- und Jugendzentrum of St. Hubertus 

  • 1.000€ to Regio Baum

Donations of Aachener Bank


regio iT 


The regio iT offers as one of the main sponsors rewards with a total value of 1.500€. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the regio iT wants to support the local economy by offering 150x 10€ vouchers that are distributed to our users. 

The supported local stores are the following ones:

  • Leni Liebt Kaffee

  • Velo - Räder die bewegen 

  • Cineplex

  • Bicycle Fahrradladen

  • Schenk Lokal 

  • Printenbäckerei Klein 

  • Bike Components 

  • Buchhandlung Schmetz am Dom 

Rewards of regio iT


Die AOK Rheinland/Hamburg als Gesundheitspartner


The AOK Rheinland/Hamburg supports the campaign as official partner for health. As one of the main partners they offer the following rewards: 

  • AOK-earphones

  • AOK-sports towel

  • AOK-first-help-kit

  • AOK-Zeckenkarte 

  • AOK 50€ voucher for AOK mobility program 

Spenden der AOK Rheinland/Hamburg

RH_Web_2 – 10.png

The STAWAG supports the campaign with a total sum of 1.500€ for the following donations: 

  • Verein for Körper- und Mehrfachbehinderter Aachen

  • NABU Stadtverband Aachen e.V. 

  • Förderverein Parzivalschule e.V. 

STAWAG - Die Stadtwerke Aachen 

Spenden der STAWAG

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